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“Dark Ranger Kelly Carroll is amazing! Great Basin National Park is lucky to have such a dynamic guy working for them. He made our night sky viewing super interesting and educational. Thanks for helping some students find wonder in the natural world.” Learn more about Dark Ranger Kelly Carroll.


“We’d plan what we call ‘gooping the loop.’ Now, this was a term that came from years before we worked there. A group of people had gone around Navajo Loop one night and they’d had a watermelon bust down there and they had just thrown the rinds everywhere. One of the rangers said, ‘They just […]

Bob Higbee – Utah Parks Company (1958-1964)

“I was originally supposed to start at Zion but when I got to Cedar City they called me into the office and asked if I would mind going to Bryce Canyon. It really didn’t matter to me so I agreed, but I didn’t know it would be so cold. So, that first morning, when I […]

Ann Ott | Utah Parks Company (1964)

“One thing we should relate that should be in the Guinness Book of World Records is that most of us were in pretty good shape because we were bell boys. There were probably eight of us; a group that left the North Rim one morning at about 4:00. Now mind you, this was in the […]

Dick Mercer | Utah Parks Company (1946-51)